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Your roof deserves comprehensive, knowledgeable repairs, every time. It’s an investment, after all. Don’t rely on an inexperienced roofer that doesn’t complete the job or inadvertently causes damage along the way. Call our First Coast team of roofing experts at Tim Bates Roofing to perform all of your roof repairs. Generally speaking, 3-tab shingles are lighter than laminate shingles but more difficult to install. Laminate shingles, by contrast, are more expensive as a product. That makes the installation cost of both similar but generally, laminate shingles run a slight bit more expensive for installation. Tim Bates Roofing provides both, in addition to modified and roll roofing services for flat roofs. What are your residential re-roofing or roof repairs needs? Our skilled First Coast team can help you find a solution that works for you. The story and slope of your home will also affect your re-roofing costs. For example, a house with two stories and a steep slope will require more labor and time for our contractors to get up and down the roof than a single-story home with a low slope. Tim Bates Roofing is proud to be among Jacksonville’s most affordable roof repair and reroofing teams! 


With a range of styles and finishes, Tim Bates Roofing delivers repair solutions that add to your home’s beauty and increase its resale value. Aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and durable, roofing is a favorite within the community of First Coast in Florida. When your home requires roof repair, don’t delay. A quick repair ensures the longevity of your roof, which is one of its greatest benefits. At Tim Bates Roofing, we’re able to quickly repair your roof and maintain its longevity.

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